HyperFX Home Ultimate Pack - 230kg

HYPER FX - Product code: HUP230
$3,999.00 (inc GST)
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Home Ultimate Pack!

If you are looking for the Ultimate home pack for strength training then this pack has it all - bar, plates, bench, squat rack as well as the revolutionary MX55 Select adjustable dumbbells.

This pack includes the following :

  • Hyper FX “TORQ” Barbell: This 7ft, 20Kg, heavy-duty Olympic size barbell is commercial grade and ready to handle anything you can throw at it! 
  • Hyper FX Training plates: Hyper FX bumper plates are official size and perfect for any home set up. Low impact on surfaces and designed for maximum strength!
  • The training plate pack includes a pair of plates in each of these sizes - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25kg - total weight 170kg
  • Inspire Squat Rack with Safety - the Inspire Squat rack is a multi purpose rack that is suitable for squats, bench press & pull ups. A solid steel design the rack has vertical Olympic bar storage & weight horns that assist with easy organizing
  • Inspire FID adjustable bench - light commercial bench that adjusts through incline, flat and decline positions.
  • MX55 Select Adjustable Dumbbells - 10-55 lbs in 5lb increments or 4.5 – 24.9 kg in 2.25 kg increments
  • Collars - snap lock plastic collars to keep the plates tightly against the bar
  • Rubber Flooring - 2 sheets of 10mm, 1m x 1m flooring - helps to minimise noise and protect your flooring.

If you would like to add any elements to this pack then we can customise to suit - simply add a bar, plates, collars or rubber flooring - the links are below.

If you would prefer a different pack then we also have a number of different packs for you to consider. The other options are listed below.

  • Home Starter Pack - our basic pack - includes the bar, collars, 170kg of plates and 2 sheets of rubber flooring
  • Home Functional Pack - same as the starter pack with the addition of a squat rack that will allow you to squat, bench press and do chin ups
  • Home Total Pack - same as starter pack but with the addition of both the squat rack and also a FID bench

If you would like more information on the Squat rack, FID bench or the adjustable dumbbells please follow these links below:

We can arrange shipping for any of these packs (at additional cost) which is calculated at checkout or alternatively for those that live in Victoria we can arrange collection from our warehouse in Melbourne.

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