Essential Pilates Reformer

MERRITHEW - Product code: ST-11077
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The SPX Essential Reformer is the entry-level Pilates reformer by Merrithew. This reformer is ideal for those wanting a reformer for home or for use in a small studio environment.

Incorporating many of the great features of the professional series of products including feel, fit and function, this reformer is built to the same exacting standards that are synonymous with Merrithew Equipment.

The package includes only the reformer, enabling users the ability to add the accessories as needed or only purchase specific accessories based on their requirements.

The SPX Essential Reformer features the following:

5 Reformer springs (4x100%, 1x50%)
5 spring covers
Soft Reformer loops & ropes
3 gearbar positions
6 carriage-stopping positions
3 headrest positions
4 footbar positions
Easy-roll wheels
Secure spring housing system


Carriage Dimensions
Width   56cm [22"]
Length  98cm
Height from floor 25.4cm

Reformer Dimensions
Width   66cm
Length  2.5m
Weight  52kg
Weight capacity 115 kg

To complement the SPX Essential reformer other related accessories are available. The common add on products to complement the SPX Essential reformer would be as follows:


The SPX Essential Reformer has a Two (2) Year Limited Warranty on aluminium rails, components of the frame and related welding, including the Footbar mechanism. (excluding Comfort Footbar).

For more information click here for the 2021/22 Merrithew Catalog

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