Mat Converter 24" (V2Max/Rehab V2 Max)

MERRITHEW - Product code: ST-02006
$1,027.18 (inc GST)
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Convert your Reformer into an elevated, stable and cushioned Matwork area. Made to withstand commercial use, these Mat Converters are the ultimate space hack that frees up floor space while offering added comfort and functionality. Use with the Footbar for supported planks that are easy on wrists and shoulders, or loosen tight hips and strengthen backs in supported bridge exercises. Clients with mobility issues will find practicing Matwork exercises easier on an elevated platform.

Have a Vertical Frame? A Mat Converter transforms your Reformer into a virtual Cadillac bringing multi-dimensional spring resistance to your workouts and allowing you to incorporate Foam Rollers, Arc Barrels, Spine Supporters, Reformer Boxes, Rubber Pads, Halo® Trainers and more.

Fits V2 Max™, Rack & Roll, V2 Max Plus™ and V2 Max Plus™ Rehab Reformers

STOTT PILATES® trained? Tell us about your training to see if you qualify for our Education Discount Program.

Width 61cm/24"
Length 138.1cm
Height 7.6cm
Weight 15kg

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