Max Plus Spring Package - High-Precision

MERRITHEW - Product code: ST-05133
$1,790.96 (inc GST)
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This springs package has springs for your reformer and for your vertical frame in the high-precision option. Bigger, better, faster and stronger, Merrithew™ Reformer Springs provide enhanced fluidity of movement, allowing for maximum extension of the Reformer Carriage with smoother and more balanced movement across all length extensions. Designed to meet the demanding needs for cardio work on the Reformer with Jumpboards and Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounders. The best springs in the industry!

Upgrading your springs, but don’t have a Spring Holder? If so, a Spring Holder Updater Kit is required.

  • 3 x 100% springs
  • 1 x 50% springs
  • 1 x 25% springs
  • 1 x Push-thru springs (blue) (pair)
  • 1 x Roll down springs (black) (pair)
  • 1 x Arm spring (yellow) (pair)
  • 1 x Enhanced Leg spring (green) (pair)

We also offer a Traditional Max Plus Spring Package with 4 × 100% Springs, 1 × 50% Reformer Spring, Power Up Max Plus Springs Package with 3 x 125% springs, and 1 x 100% spring.

We recommend that you replace the springs on your Reformer every two years to ensure maximum performance and safety of your equipment at all times.

Merrithew springs are custom crafted using the finest quality music wire, our springs are pre-heated for stress relief and then nickel plated with a hydrogen embrittlement process to increase spring life.

Features a newly designed free flowing Spring connection.

Innovative spring ball attachment and new fastening system provides for easy installation.  Springs are securely held in place with no exposed hooks.

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