Wall Unit Spring Package

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Looking to replace your Wall Unit's springs? Merrithew™’s full set of replacement springs for the Wall Unit makes retiring exhausted springs a snap. Merrithew™ springs are custom-crafted using the finest quality music wire and are preheated for stress relief. They're then nickel plated with a hydrogen embrittlement process to ensure superior quality and tension integrity.

Merrithew™ recommends that all springs are replaced every two years and the two-year warranty ensures that you'll never have to pay to replace them beforehand.

Package includes:

  • 4 x Push-Thru Spring (Blue)
  • 2 x Light Arm Spring (Yellow)
  • 2 x Enhanced Leg Spring (Green)
  • 2 x Roll-down Spring (Black)
  • 18 x Spring Clips (Carabiners)
  • 2 x Locking Spring Clips

Leg Spring: overall length 55.9 cm, initial tension of 3.5 lbs, spring rate of .625 lb/inch

Push-thru Spring: overall length 45.7 cm, initial tension of 6.688 lbs, spring rate of 1.157 lb/inch

Roll-down Spring: overall length of the spring is 48.2 cm, initial tension of 3.2 lbs, spring rate of 0.495 lb/inch

Light Arm Spring: overall length of the spring is 48.2 cm, initial tension of 2.717 lbs, spring rate of 0.378 lb/inch

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